This full-day deep-dive go in addition to the main Summit’s program.  
A special ticket is required to attend.

What is „Startup Engagement Framework“?

Startup Engagement Framework has been developed by Lukas Strniste based on the hands-on experience from multiple innovation projects with multinational corporations as well as medium-sized businesses. The Framework offers you a structured and measurable approach to Startup Engagement Strategy that will help you to convince business units as well as get a buy in from the management side. The Framework is suitable for any company independently from the maturity of its innovation management strategy. The Framework will help you to combine multiple Startup Engagement Initiatives and to define the business impact. 

Why „Startup Engagement Framework“ Workshop?

In this workshop with other like-minded peers, you will learn how to implement the Framework within your organisation as well as how to use it to foster open innovation and cross-corporate collaboration – ideally directly with the peers from your workshop group. You will get to introduce tot he 5 pillars for the framework – (1) outpost, (2) matrix, (3) canvas, (4) intelligence and (5) accounting. 

Your Challenges

1. You want your organisation to engage with startups but are missing a structured approach that will help you to convince business units as well your management
2. Your organisation is running multiple Startup Engagement Initiatives but there is no tool that puts them all into one perspective and mutual engagement

Your Key Learnings

1. You will learn how to implement the Startup Engagement Framework for your internal and external ecosystem
2. You will learn how to define a business model of a (virtual) organisation governing the startup engagement – Outpost
3. You will learn how to define the right initiative based on the desired business impact as well as the maturity of your innovation management strategy – Matrix
4. You will learn how to outline a particular project through a Canvas
5. You will learn how to source, manage and evaluate your innovation data and knowledge – Intelligence
6. You will learn how to define a meaningful and measurable KPIs for your startup engagement through activity and impact metrics – Accounting

Target Group

Innovation & Startup managers, as well as intrapreneurs, head of incubators and accelerators, leaders from corporate development and product development departments that are responsible for assuring the future competitiveness of their organisation. 

Past Participants

Migros, Fraunhofer, PwC, Daimler, Stadtwerke Gießen, Basel Kantonal Bank, ÖBB, HELLA, Bosch, Infineon, OP Finance

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