Tirza Hollenhorst

Tirza Hollenhorst cultivates the full potential of dedicated leaders. She brings to teams the kind of rigor and vision required to continuously adapt in a rapidly changing world.  Tirza believes creation thrives when people are motivated by their internal sense of purpose, connected to their team, and held in a container of psychological safety. An engaging and embodied presence, she can quickly conjure connectedness and creativity amongst large groups. She is best known for her capacity to focus diverse audiences on common goals to produce concrete and actionable outcomes.

Tirza began her career working in cross-sector collaboration on six continents, engaging government agencies, NGOs, and multinational enterprises before co-founding her first company, Innovation for People. Tirza is now the CEO of LUMAN, which transforms companies by developing intrapreneurial leadership capacity while getting work done. LUMAN transforming people and teams at Forbes 500 companies including Siemens, Airbus, and Facebook.

  • Open minded people, everyone willing to share their thoughts about the best practices and also about worst practices,this was really good.

    Thorsten Lambertus Fraunhofer-Venture
  • I was surprised how diverse perspectives on the topics are.

    Anna Sinell Fraunhofer-Gesellchaft
  • I was surprised how open the people are, what i found very inlighting they were sharing their experiences and some other things that are not working in their organization.

    Marius Swart Coca Cola
  • Great opportunity for learning and sharing experience on how to innovate & collaborate with startups

    Markus Graf Six Group Services AG
  • It has been a very creative environment, in general very good experience.

    Sandy Hathaway @Retention Grid & @Avari_io
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