Rocco van den Berg

Rocco van den Berg

Rocco van den Berg is Innovation Lead at Philips HealthWorks and responsible for the European HealthWorks Startup program running from The Netherlands. This global program explores collaboration opportunities by helping early-stage external startups to validate their business model and value propositions using a network of internal Philips experts and Healthcare ecosystem partners. Rocco has a PhD in Molecular Immunology and over 18 years of experience driving innovation and digital strategies at a wide variety of companies. He is passionate about innovating ways to speed up the development of Healthcare solutions in order to make solutions available for patients sooner.

  • Open minded people, everyone willing to share their thoughts about the best practices and also about worst practices,this was really good.

    Thorsten Lambertus Fraunhofer-Venture
  • I was surprised how diverse perspectives on the topics are.

    Anna Sinell Fraunhofer-Gesellchaft
  • I was surprised how open the people are, what i found very inlighting they were sharing their experiences and some other things that are not working in their organization.

    Marius Swart Coca Cola
  • Great opportunity for learning and sharing experience on how to innovate & collaborate with startups

    Markus Graf Six Group Services AG
  • It has been a very creative environment, in general very good experience.

    Sandy Hathaway @Retention Grid & @Avari_io
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