Dr. Paolo Lombardi holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Université Paris XI and a Master in Electronics Engineering from the University of Pavia. In 2012 he founded Techpeaks, the first government-led international startup accelerator in Italy, for which he raised €13 million. After Techpeaks, he specialised in early stage startup programmes. Till date, he has designed or managed over 20 rounds of corporate and government accelerators as well as several dozens of other startup programmes including hackathons, bootcamps and competitions. Dr. Lombardi was himself a co-founder of three tech startups in social media analysis, video surveillance and mobile gaming, and has personally coached over 200 startups in various sectors including digital, IoT, AI, ecommerce, foodtech, mobility, smart city, and energy.


“Performance Metrics for Startup Programs”
Struggling in measuring the ROI of an accelerator, hackathon, or startup competition? You are not alone. Startup programs impact multiple aspects of corporate innovation (private sector), or of regional economic development (public sector), and tracking them all is new for many organizations. In this workshop we will illustrate a methodology to align startup program metrics with your organizational current practices and future objectives.