Marcella Simons is Innovation Manager and co-founder of DARE, stimulating innovation at ABN AMRO. She developed, experimented with, and implemented a strategic framework, to manage and deal with the multitude of innovation idea’s and teams. The DARE framework includes innovation process, strategy, accounting and portfolio management. DARE is the innovation approach of ABN AMRO that saves you the effort of reinventing the innovation wheel, based on the principles of: Lean Startup, Agile and Design Thinking. Where innovation thrives in a chaotic environment, DARE brings structure.

Marcella is a strategic human centered innovator with a affinity for products and services where customer experience, strategy and technology meet. With a background as an entrepreneur and founder of the social startup Gula Vision and the app My Favorite Restaurants she knows how to build a business. With her DARE-to-try mindset Marcella is now building the bank of the future.