Chantal Calame is a passionate social innovator who recently joined Company Factory to support corporates and SME’s in innovation and company building. She is particularly interested in building innovation ecosystems and developing regenerative business models for the Circular Economy and beyond.  

She loves the sea and the mountains equally and enjoys the feeling of a good overview when looking at a landscape. She used to work in the innovation laboratory of Raiffeisen Switzerland and is one of the co-founders of euforia, a youth-driven social business that inspires young people and top managers to become change makers and hack corporate cultures.

"Social Innovation – Business Models that address societal challenges" / Day 2, Basecamp K7

See how you can use your business as a force for good, contributing to solving pressing societal challenges through regenerative business models. This workshop provides some theoretical foundations as well as real life examples and a practical step-by-step guide to transform your own business.