Designing and Implementing an Intrapreneurship Program Using a Gamified Startup Toolkit

Workshop 2 // April 27, 14:00 – 17:30

Michal Jirasek, Founderscope

In this workshop we will learn and discuss how to create and implement an effective intrapreneurship program inside your company through the Gamified Startup Toolkit. It integrates leading innovation approaches such as Business Model Generation, Design Thinking, Growth Hacking, Lean Startup, Customer Development, Agile and others in an easy to use way.
Goal: Experience how to create an effective intrapreneurship program
You will learn to:
– Define the purpose of the program
– Design the structure and processes for effective support of your projects
– Standardize the innovation processes using the Gamified Startup Toolkit
– Plan budget, timeframe and resources
– Choose the right metrics to measure the program effectiveness