Thomas (°1985) is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a focus on corporate venturing.
He is founding partner of the venture development firm BUNDL ( and investor in the pre-seed corporate venturing investment fund 9.5 Ventures ( The cross-section between corporations, startups and investors is his playground, in which he strongly believes that today’s corporations have an advantage and key position to respond to tomorrow’s fast evolving customers.
With his background in design, a portfolio of 200+ corporate innovation projects and joint-ventures, he and his team have gained expertise in teaming up with companies to create new ventures from scratch and tackle new markets together. He has co-founded the Belgian company BUNDL in 2008 at 23, and is now also located in New York.
Convinced that you have to practice what you preach, and pushed by his constant need for innovation and experimentation, Thomas has had an active role in successful ventures such as and
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