Thomas helps startups and companies apply the lean startup methodology. With his company str84wd Products he is running workshops and intrapreneurship programs with corporates and accelerators alike to create awesome products. He is holding a Diploma in Industrial Engineering as well as a Master of Business Administration. He has worked an lived around the globe in cities like Berlin, San Francisco, Nanjing (China) and Munich.

Thomas is a customer development ninja and can talk to strangers for hours. He has taught may customer and workshop participants how to extract ideas and test them in interviews.

He is a passionate entrepreneur himself and truly believes that lean startup changes everything. Thomas is organizor and mentor of the Lean Startup Machine in various cities. He is also mentor at Google Launchpad, Founder Institute and several corporate startup programs. He speaks at events like the AgileWorld, Lean Startup Meetups and corporate innovation events like the Holzbrink Innovation Day.

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