Thibaut Rouquette is Associate Director at SIX (inc. Swiss Stock Exchange) and Partner at The Heart Tech (CEE market), supporting ventures to develop together with corporations.

On the side, Thibaut has been supporting innovation ecosystem builders such as Techstars Startup Weekend, Global Startup Awards or since recently, the Circle of Intrapreneurs.

Startup addict since 2010, his former experiences include working with the Australian Government body which invented the WiFi, the innovation management team of the largest German Bank, leading an intrapreneurship program for one of the largest British banks and building the largest FinTech Accelerator in the world.


Hyperspeed creation: launch a new cross-corporate venture

Workshop aimed to discover examples on how innovation has happened across industry borders, identify the biggest challenges for innovation to go beyond one corporation and ideate and work hands on with your peers to identify and build future cross-industry solutions.

Expected outcomes:

  1. Insights from the industry to be shared
  2. Strengthen connections between participants
  3. Bonus++: emergence of a new venture