Sebastian started his professional career end of the ninetieths within a digital agency startup and run his own business within the field of videogaming. Within the last 20 years he worked in smaller companies as well as for large cooperation’s like Bertelsmann, Deutsche Post, thyssenkrupp, RWE and innogy.

Sebastian’s passion lies in tech and building / learning new things. Within the past  years he developed an internal accelerator for innogy which started as a underground initiative (don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness) and is now part of innogy’s internal innovation ecosystem lead by Sebastian and sponsored by the CEO and CFO of innogy.

Sebastian is full of #PIONIERGEIST supporting internal startups to further grow, currently with focus on Machine learning / pattern recognition, eSports, Disaggregation for water as well as in new ways to install and run photovoltaics to make cities smarter and to create a sustainable energy system for new generations to live in a world worth living in.

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