Since the initial wave of digitization, when the first PCs replaced typewriters, Philip has been researching the impacts and changes in the future of work, leadership, collaboration and culture. Over twenty years ago he followed the wave of innovation to the US west coast, where he supported Fortune 500 organizations with transformations around integrating and implementing global enterprise systems.
Continuing his research, he worked with startups, NGOs, artists, futurists and scientists to understand which values and behaviors would become essential for the future. He found that it was often perennial wisdom, sometimes thousands of years old, that proved particularly useful in times of change. When everything becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), it is the higher human functions of individuation and self-actualization that provide guidance and enable bold action.
Combined with the latest findings from psychology and neuroscience, systems theory and various innovation methodologies, philip inspiresand consults some of the most innovative and future-oriented organizations. He speaks, advises, and as a partner in LUMAN (

Philip consults and trains executives and their workforce in immersive transformational experiences, enabling them not just to be ready for the future, but to actively create it.
He lives in Berlin and Los Angeles, travels and works internationally.


Intrapreneurial leadership – The secret sauce to making Intrapreneurship work
Intrapreneurship is not just about the tools of innovation. Design thinking, LEAN, agile all have their place, but they are not the secret sauce that makes intrapreneurship work. The secret sauce are the intrapreneurs themselves. The difference between success and failure of your intrapreneurship program lies in the motivation and capacities of your people. This interactive workshop is for anyone interested in intrapreneurship, whether you are considering starting a program or being an intrapreneur yourself. We will look at the key elements and capacities required for success and the resilience required to take a corporate startup to a successful outcome.