Lukas André is Partner at Redstone, and is responsible for managing Redstone’s activities in Switzerland. Before joining the team, Lukas was a Managing Partner at Affentranger Associates, an investment and M&A advisory company focused on the technology sector. Lukas has been a founder multiple times himself and therefore adds deep entrepreneurial experience to his investment and M&A deal track record. He holds a Master in Business Administration in Finance from the University of Bern, where he was honored as the top-finish candidate of his year.
  • Open minded people, everyone willing to share their thoughts about the best practices and also about worst practices,this was really good.

    Thorsten Lambertus Fraunhofer-Venture
  • I was surprised how diverse perspectives on the topics are.

    Anna Sinell Fraunhofer-Gesellchaft
  • I was surprised how open the people are, what i found very inlighting they were sharing their experiences and some other things that are not working in their organization.

    Marius Swart Coca Cola
  • Great opportunity for learning and sharing experience on how to innovate & collaborate with startups

    Markus Graf Six Group Services AG
  • It has been a very creative environment, in general very good experience.

    Sandy Hathaway @Retention Grid & @Avari_io
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