Kim Svendsen


Kim leads the Stibo Accelerator, an initiative aimed to support talented young students, interns and entrepreneurs working on promising innovations for the media, retail and manufacturing industries. His background is in technology and advertising. He has recently served as the Vice President Marketing for a global software company.

For the past 5 years the 225-year-old commercial printing and software company, Stibo, has invited students and startups inside the corporate walls to inspire change and foster out-of-the-box thinking. The Stibo Accelerator program runs 12-20 radical innovation projects each year to try to uncover how emerging trends and technologies will potentially impact the industries served by Stibo. So far 71 research projects run by 152 students and 9 startups have “graduated” the Stibo Accelerator program. Kim Svendsen, Director of the Stibo Accelerator, introduces the initiative and gives practical advice for how established corporate culture can be challenged and invigorated by the unbiased creativity of students and startups.