Katja Samara

Katja Samara

Katja is considered to be one of the top networkers when it comes to quickly building new communities and programs. She has been developing new markets and businesses in Scandinavia, South-Europe, Asia, USA and Russia. Being a teacher at heart Katja always seeks understanding, which markets will benefit from the product and communicate it right, she is convinced that innovation, imagination and creating of “conversational capital” ​(what people tell others about your product) are essential to revenue numbers. Katja started new projects, sold to, led, hired and trained at companies like Sparebank1, Technoport, Carrefour, Georg Jensen and start ups like Mindfit, HubroEducation, Retyre, Dokker ets. Katja initiated and led multiple Global Sales Bootcamps for ambitious entrepreneurs.

In NTNU Accel Katja is developing a learning-focused innovation network that helps public and private partner companies to boost co-creative social innovation initiatives.

  • Open minded people, everyone willing to share their thoughts about the best practices and also about worst practices,this was really good.

    Thorsten Lambertus Fraunhofer-Venture
  • I was surprised how diverse perspectives on the topics are.

    Anna Sinell Fraunhofer-Gesellchaft
  • I was surprised how open the people are, what i found very inlighting they were sharing their experiences and some other things that are not working in their organization.

    Marius Swart Coca Cola
  • Great opportunity for learning and sharing experience on how to innovate & collaborate with startups

    Markus Graf Six Group Services AG
  • It has been a very creative environment, in general very good experience.

    Sandy Hathaway @Retention Grid & @Avari_io
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