Over the last 15 years I’ve lead multicultural and multidisciplinary teams in companies, bringing about double-figured growth in the process. I’ve realized this by creating innovative growth strategies that have both aligned and strengthened the commitment of clients, consumers and employees alike. Asics’ leap from the 18th to the 3rd most important sports brand in Spain is just one example.

The sports world is my passion. I firmly believe that we can make the world a better place by combining sport, technology and well-being. I also believe that most future innovations will arise from OPEN INNOVATION. That’s why we’ve created a joint program with Start-ups Tenkan-ten by ASICS. With this program we aim to be the point of contact between a large company like ASICS and the Start-ups that aspire to improve users’ daily lives, looking for joint growth together.

I believe a leader should be a facilitator who helps others to achieve success. Guiding others on their path to growth moves me.

#BePartOfTheGrowth #EnhanceYourGrowth