Andreas Iten is a highly experienced innovation & entrepreneurship strategist, with proven leadership in high-level innovation, open-innovation, information technology management and entrepreneurship.

Andreas has worked for over 15 years within leading institutions in the IT service, airline & transportation and the financial industry.

Since 2015 Andreas he was leading technology innovation and he was the Chief Information Officer for the division Financial Information within SIX Group. Today he is responsible for the FinTech venture fund of SIX.

 His specific areas of expertise focus on end-to-end innovation frameworks, innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurial spillovers, emerging technologies, digital innovation and business transformation.

Andreas is co-founder of the the SIXHackathon (Europe’s largest Fintech coding contest), co-founder and board member of the Zurich based F10 Fin Tech Incubator & Accelerator.

He is a public speaker and active communicator on social media.

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