DEEP-DIVE WORKSHOP by Prof. Julian Kawohl @HTW Berlin, DE 


This full-day deep-dive go in addition to the main Summit’s program.  
A special ticket is required to attend.

What is “Ecosystemizer”?

It’s a management tool developed by Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl (HTW Berlin) and Denis Krechting (RWTH Aachen), that supports clarity and focus with a set of frameworks to generate innovations and growth opportunities in business ecosystems. In an action-based research approach with over 500 practitioners, the new laws of the marketplace in the future Ecosystem Economy were discovered and a management handbook will follow. Read more at

Why “Ecosystemizer” Workshop?

Every company is looking for compelling strategies in the challenging digital ecosystem economy. The workshop run by the creator of the “Ecosystemizer” reveals how you can find (or review) the positioning of your company as well as how you can be more innovative and grow in business ecosystems.

Your Challenges

1. Understand the ecosystem market & competition
2. Derive a suitible ecosystem strategy and define offering & partner
3. Link your digital innovation and startup programs to the corporate (ecosystem) agenda

Your Key Learnings

1. Reason why ecosystem markets will change your business
2. Validate your status quo in ecosystem markets
3. Use of the Ecosystemizer tools (Ecosystem Strategy Map and Offering Matrix) to analyze and define your portfolio 
4. Strategic archetypes as guidance for deriving an ecosystem strategy
5. Getting an idea how to develop future positioning to expand into new market segments and generate new value pools 

Coca cola example


Target Group

The “Ecosystemizer” can be used as an Ecosystem GPS for every Company in various settings, for example by Corporates for substantial understanding of ecosystem markets, relevant players, offerings and partners; by Startup Programs, Digital Units and Investors for portfolio management, evaluation of startups, fundraising as well as link to corporate strategy.

Past Participants

Multinational corporates, German DAX 30 companies, international family owned companies, …

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