Creating, Communicating and Installing an Intrapreneurial Culture

Workshop 2 // April 28, 11:30 – 12:30 // Speed Workshop

Peter Boltersdorf, Institut für Leistungs Humanismus


Creating a fitting company culture for intrapreneurship requires developing effective communication strategies and methods to install it into the daily life of management. The participants will get better understanding of the importance of corporate culture and learn how to transform it.


Goal: the participants get a better understanding of creating and living corporate culture

1. Presentation of the topic and the task
2. Formation of three working groups
I. Creating messages for corporate culture:
Goal: creating messages which are free from misunderstandings and develop a clear emotional engagement in intrapreneuership
II. Communication:
Goal: developing strategies for effective communication
III. Installing:
Goal: developing methods to install corporate culture into daily life of management
Time frame: approx. 20 minutes
3. Presentation of results: 5 minutes each
4. Discussion of results