The Corporate Entrepreneur: A driving force for strategic renewal and radical innovation in established companies

Workshop 1 // April 28, 11:30 – 12:30 // Speed-Workshop
 Movie All Is Lost (2013)

Christoph Selig, HTWG Konstanz

Intrapreneurs are defined by a set of similar characteristics. In order to leverage them to the maximum and make them beneficial for the company the framework (environment, governance etc.) hast to be right. In this workshop you will learn to understand what is beneficial and toxic for an intrapreneur.
 Movie All Is Lost (2013)
Target: Which characteristics are beneficial, and which are toxic for the role of the corporate entrepreneur à Profile of the corporate entrepreneur

 Movie All Is Lost (2013)

1.) Short presentation of the newest insights about corporate entrepreneur
2.) Task definition and example for beneficial / toxic characteristics
3.) Group arrangement
4.) Presentation of group results – beneficial and toxic characteristics and reasoning
5.) Assessment and merger of the results
6.) Definition of the corporate entrepreneur profile