“CEO meets CDO”

is a private meeting of the Corporate Startup Summit and Award 2019. 

Digitalswitzerland and the Swiss Chapter of the world-leading Chief Digital Officer Club would like to invite you to a unique event. As part of the Corporate Startup Summit & Award 2019, CEOs will have the exclusive opportunity to exchange ideas with numerous chief digital officers (CDOs) from leading Swiss companies in an intimate setting.

In small groups, CEOs will be able to converse with experienced CDOs in a relaxed atmosphere. They will learn about the responsibilities of a CDO, why companies have created this role and how CDOs tackle the various challenges associated with digital transformation.

After a short opening presentation on ‘The Challenges Facing a Chief Digital Officer’, the CDOs will answer the CEOs’ questions and provide an insight into their daily work. The main aim of this event is to provide CEOs with a private setting in which they can discuss digital transformation and the requirements associated with this with experienced chief digital officers.


Andreas Gran


Luca Graf

Head of Digital Innovation @PanalpinaX

Martin Stucki


The CDO Club Switzerland was founded in 2017 and is aimed at CDOs (incl. marketing, data and other managers) who have a decision-making, leadership role in the digital transformation of a company or organisation. Board members who proactively drive digital transformation within the company are also welcome.

The Swiss Chapter is a member of the global CDO Club (www.cdoclub.com), which with over 5,000 members is the world’s first, largest and most influential community of digital C-Level leaders who share responsibility for and drive digital transformation in companies and organizations.The CDO Club Switzerland is a local association for networking and knowledge transfer among digital leaders in Switzerland. Members have the opportunity to expand their network at the CDO summits and exchange insights and news among themselves.

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